Our Story

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is a national, volunteer-driven charitable organization dedicated to providing short-term financial assistance to breast cancer patients.

The financial difficulties that follow a breast cancer diagnosis are well documented, but historically, very little attention has been paid to solving this problem. Most people don’t realize the financial toll of breast cancer includes lost wages, and a myriad of costs not covered by provincial or private health insurance. To name just a few, expenses include hospital parking, off-the-shelf medications, wigs, breast prosthetics, specialty bras, restorative therapies, therapeutic garments, and of course ongoing costs of food and shelter.

Because we believe that Canadians are compassionate and altruistic, we want to change the conversation about breast cancer and traditional  “pink” cause-marketing campaigns. We want to channel direct support to breast cancer patients who are lying awake at night, wondering about their future… they are having nightmares about covering the cost of food and rent. That's why we started a social enterprise! 

Causemetics™ is a movement by the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund designed to raise money to help financially challenged breast cancer patients across Canada through the sale of healthy beauty products.  We've partnered with eleven of Canada's leading natural, non-toxic skincare and cosmetic companies and have rebranded one of their hero prodcuts as a causemetics product.  A generous donation from sales helps us provide financial support to breast cancer patients across the country!

Products are vetted, and most importantly, made without the toxic chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and known to be linked to breast cancer. (Many endocrine disruptors mimic estrogen that may contribute to the development of breast cancer)

Causemetic partners: Consonant, Graydon, Cocoon Apothecary, Sapho, Lovefresh, Ella's Botanicals, Pure + Simple, Sigrid Naturals, Province Apothecary, Pure Anada and Schaf  

Only healthy, natural products! ... and no pink!  

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