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The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is changing the conversation about breast cancer.

In a crowded landscape of breast cancer organizations, the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is the only organization providing funds to help ease the financial burden that accompanies a breast cancer diagnosis and educating Canadians about this financial gap and about the importance of prevention in breast cancer.

Every year, millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer and directed to research and education, while many patients struggle to pay expenses related to their diagnosis and treatment.

Despite all of the campaigns raising awareness, these efforts have not helped decrease the rate of breast cancer year over year, or even decade over decade.

The truth about breast cancer is that the financial burden can be just as devastating as the physical and emotional impact.

In Canada, 25,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and up to a quarter of those patients will face a financial crisis.

This is why the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund exists – to bridge the gap between the financial reality faced by breast cancer patients and the limited financial assistance available.

No longer content with the ‘catch it early’ strategy to save lives, there is momentum in public discourse to change the conversation and start talking about the importance of prevention, when it comes to breast cancer.

Our goal, with the help of individuals and organizations, is to be a change maker among breast cancer organizations by raising funds to help breast cancer patients and raising awareness about the issues, as we build a community of support.

We encourage you to Donate Today – every donation has a significant impact on a very vulnerable community.

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We want to help women with breast cancer. Not someday. Today. Because the rent is due. Groceries must be bought. Hospital parking is expensive. And lost wages during treatment and recovery means less money for the bills.

So despite millions raised to find a cure, very little priority has been placed on providing much needed financial support for the nearly 26,000 Canadians diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

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