Ten Thousand Sisters


In the last ten years, over 200,000 women in Canada have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  

This is an invitition to tens of thousands of breast cancer survivors - "sisters" -  to give back to their community in a meaningful way.


Dear Breast Cancer Survivor,

You've completed your treatment for breast cancer and right now you are one of the survivors.  

When you were going through treatment, people talked a lot about hope.

People talked a lot about finding a cure.

But they didn’t talk about money.

People don’t talk a lot about the cost of breast cancer.

About how your benefits run out before your cancer is gone.

About how lost wages means you can’t cover the rent. Or buy groceries. Or pay for hospital parking or prosthetics.

About how millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer, yet those diagnosed struggle, not to survive, but to afford to survive.

People don’t talk about that. 

But we do.

We provide breast cancer patients with the financial support they need to focus, simpley and solely, on fighting this devastating disease.



When you were going through months of treatment, you may have been well supported by your family, friends and colleagues and perhaps, even the company where you work.

But for many, this is not their experience.  Already finding it difficult to make ends meet before their diagnosis of breast cancer, they face a financial crisis at a time in their lives when they are feeling ill and vulnerable and very overwhelmed.

We're asking you to give back to the most vulnerable in your community - breast cancer patients who are stuggling to pay for basic necessities.

A $10 monthly donation will help patients with the cost of food, shelter, medications, wigs, prosthetics, hospital parking, child care and restorative therapies.


But most importantly, it will help to ease the stress of their financial burden so they can focus simply and solely on fighting their disease.

Breast cancer is hard enough without the financial burden it brings.


Give Back to the breast cancer community - your community -  in a way that will have a signifcant impact on each and every woman we support.   Donate today

# # #