Breast Cancer Facts

We're all familair with statistics about breast cancer:

Approximately 23,000 women and 200 men will be diagnosed this year.

Approximately 5100 will die of breast cancer this year.

On average, 62  women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day.

On average, 14  women will die of breast cancer every day.


Statistics we're not as familiar with but should be:

In the 1960's, 1 in 20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today, it's i in 9.


Despite all of the campaigns raising awareness about breast cancer, there is an increased understanding that these efforts have not had an effect on the increase in the rate of breast cancer year over year, decade over decade.

No longer content with the ‘catch it early’ strategy to save lives, there is momentum in public discourse to change the conversation and start talking about the importance of prevention, when it comes to breast cancer.

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