Think Before You Pink

Think Before You Pink, a project of Breast Cancer Action (San Francisco), was launched in 2002 in response to the growing concern about the number of pink ribbon products on the market. The campaign called for more transparency and accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising, and encouraged consumers to ask critical questions about pink ribbon promotions.

In Canada, Samantha King, a professor at Queens University has written extensively about this issue. In her book, Pink Ribbons, Inc., Samantha King traces how breast cancer has been transformed from a stigmatized disease and individual tragedy to a market-driven industry of survivorship. King challenges the commercialization of the breast cancer movement, responsible consumption, and even generosity.

In her book, King also mentions major cosmetic companies such as Avon, Revlon, and Estée Lauder, which have claimed to promote women's health while simultaneously using known and/or suspected cancer- causing chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates in their products.

Consumers are under-going a radical change. Conspicuous consumption is so last decade. People are getting serious about making smarter and more mindful choices about what they buy – they are asking themselves: "Do I need it, and if I do - is it earth-friendly?".

What you buy has a social and ecological impact – which is why we are asking you to Think Before You Pink.

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