Think Pink Live Green

When you think of breast cancer, we want you to think pink and live green.

We believe that shopping is not a solution. In fact, if shopping could cure cancer, surely we would have found a cure by now!


But, if you must shop, we encourage you to keep toxic chemicals and carcinogens out of the environment by purchasing low-impact, earth-friendly products.

Purchase merchandise that reflects your value for healthy living and your passion for a greener planet.


Consider shopping at Holly& Ivy, our sister organization, 

a social enterprise committed to donating 50% of net profits to

the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund !!


Holly & Ivy, is an on-line store that sells natural and organic skin care, cosmetics and personal care products.

Healthy for you and safe for the planet!


GO Green, Get Beautiful ... Give Back! by shopping at Holly & Ivy.

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